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Specialized Forms of Disability Insurance for Quotes

Group Long Term  Disability Insurance Quotes Policies

Many employees of large firms have the Group Longdisability insurance: quotes Term Disability (LTD) type of coverage. The benefits are usually inexpensive and fairly comprehensive. Benefit amounts can be between 50%-70% of pre-disabiity earnings. The disability benefit is integrated, meaning that it is reduced by any social security disability or state disability that you might receive. Many LTD plans have benefit periods up to age 65. Generally, it does not make sense to replace your  LTD benefits by purchasing an individual disability plan. It may make sense, however, to  supplement your LTD with the purchase of an individual plan. If you own or operate a  company with more than three employees (10 is even better), give serious consideration to offering LTD. Apply for disability insurance quotes!

Business Overhead  Expense

Business overhead expense insurance pays a business owner's fixed expenses in the event he/she is disabled. When a business owner is disabled many business expenses (rent, payroll, phone, etc.) continue. A disability overhead expense policy can help pay these expenses. These policies generally have a  shorter elimination (waiting) period and a one to two year benefit period. The shorter benefit period is sensible, because one to two years should allow the disabled owner to  determine his/her degree of disability and if necessary sell the business. Overhead  expense disability is relatively inexpensive and should be considered by any business  owner with high expenses. Apply for disability insurance quotes today!

Disability Buy Out

What if one of your partners/shareholders was  disabled and could never work again? It may become necessary to buy that person out.  However, at a time when your business is struggling due to this person's loss, buying out  your disabled partner could be very expensive and could financially strain your firm. A Disability Buy Out contract could provide money (in a lump sum or installments) to pay for  the purchase of your disabled partner's interest. Apply for disability insurance quotes today!

Disability Key Man

What if an employee essential to the operation of  your business became disabled? You might suffer a financial loss. In fact, the financial  loss that you experience due to this disability could exceed the loss caused by a large  fire at your business. You probably insure your physical property; what about that key employee? If you have an employee this valuable, consider insuring your risk with  Disability Key Man Insurance.

Pension Completion

Even if you have adequate disability insurance,  what if you have a career ending injury at age 30? When you reach age 65, since you did  not work in the last 35 years, you would have next to nothing built up in your pension and  retirement plan. A pension completion disability policy would allow you to collect an  added benefit. This benefit would be invested to provide the pension that your disability took from you. Apply for disability insurance quotes today!


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